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3 Reasons to Hire a Window Artist or Muralist


Alessandra Tortone looks at how the work of window artists and muralists impacts learning spaces for children and business spaces for adults.

Window Artists and Muralists—Why Hire?

Let’s say you’re a parent, a business owner, or a community leader looking to reinvigorate a particular space. You want to create an emotional visual experience that leaves an indelible impression on anyone who visits this setting. Have you gotten in touch with an experienced window artist?

Muralists and window artists create singular visual renderings that help people achieve specific goals for home and building interiors. These artists understand how to work with the aesthetics and architecture of your rooms and windows. They know how to find that visual metaphor for the values of your family and community or the strengths of your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the ways window art and interior murals powerfully enhance an environment.

Window Artists Help You Attract Attention

Because storefront art immediately wins attention and draws the eye, passersby grow curious to know more about what you’re offering. Your business may not want to deal with the hassle of continually changing its window setup. Relatedly, you might be marketing a product or service that may not necessarily make for a compelling display. For this reason, evocative art from window artists proves a great solution for highlighting a product. Imagine two businesses selling the same items. Assume one of them uses a bit of strategic wall art or window art to welcome its customers. Now assume the other does not. You instantly know which one will bring in more profit.

Homeowners frequently look for creative ways to liven up their child’s playroom. Teachers and librarians seek out way to beautify a classroom or reading room. Consider how colourful wall art offers one of the most immediate ways to ignite children’s imaginations. You will set the right tone for reading, learning, and playtime. Like a business owner hiring a window artist, a parent hiring nursery painters or artists for bedroom murals should ask to see a portfolio of work. Ask to see similar nursery paintings the artist has completed in the past. Also, check out how they do a mural for bedrooms.

Wall Art and Window Art Provide Information

The right wall mural or window art undeniably serves as an invaluable communication tool. For one thing, as a business owner, you will be able to give your customer clear information like store hours or announcements about upcoming events. A window artist or muralist can also create signage directing customers to specific areas of your store. In many instances, the display art you commission can help people understand your products or services and provide direction that eliminates confusion about your service protocols.

Similarly, wall art and window art often carry out a practical function in playrooms and classrooms. They are the perfect way to teach kids their letters or numbers, cater to their interest in animals or ocean life, acquaint them with characters from literature, or help them learn the planets or continents.

Window Artists Enhance a Space’s Visual Appeal

Lastly, wall art and window art can dramatically heighten the visual appeal of a room or business space. In any home or building, you want to cultivate an attractive and inviting atmosphere. You want interiors that make both children and adults feel at home. Thoughtful art will win them over in an instant. Moreover, commissioned work from window artists will be completely original and unique from the art in any other setting. With window art or an indoor mural, you’ll be able to set yourself apart. For business owners, you’ll arm yourself with recognisable visuals that lock into your customer’s subconscious and encourage them to return.

On the family front, children will ultimately associate library wall art with reading time, classroom wall art with learning time, and bedroom wall art with sleeping time. This kind of structure is emphatically useful for establishing patterns, habits, and routines that allow them to learn and grow. Unquestionably, the work itself is also a memorable and fun part of their surroundings! Older children can obviously be involved in the mural selection process, deciding what images they would like to enjoy on their bedroom or playroom walls.

Interested in Wall Art or Window Art?

Before you hire a window artist or muralist for your home, school, library, or business projects, you’ll want to choose someone confident and experienced who works quickly to minimise any disruption to your workday or home routine. For instance, Love Uxbridge commissioned Alessandra Tortone to paint 30 windows, with spring art, in the space of two weeks working with three artists. Alessandra and her team have also taken on work for clients like Positively Putney, who hired her to work on 15 windows, and Make it Ealing, who gave Alessandra the challenge of painting 60 windows in 20 days with four artists. Markedly, the results were stunning in all cases! Get in touch to schedule a consultation and discuss your own upcoming project.

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