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3 Reasons to Hire a Window Artist or Muralist

Alessandra Tortone looks at how the work of window artists and muralists impacts learning spaces for children and business spaces for adults. Window Artists and Muralists—Why Hire? Let’s say you’re a parent, a business owner, or a community leader looking to reinvigorate a particular space. You want to create an emotional visual experience that leaves an indelible impression on anyone […]
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Large scale projects to inspire London wall artists

Street art design in Uxbridge
A look at a range of varied, large-scale commercial and public projects mural artists have completed in and around London. Mural Artists Take On 7 London-Area Projects There’s nothing like a gorgeously rendered wall mural. Few features anchor a space and capture the imagination in the same way. The chosen visuals become a symbol for a certain setting or establishment. […]
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