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Street Art: The Game Changer

You know a lot of people still don’t consider street art as real art. But if art is anything that depicts beauty or sometimes pain? Then street art is as real as it gets. Street art are done by street artists usually on the walls and streets of the neighbourhood they live in. I can assure you that you will […]
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Stop and Stare: Window Art as An Attention Grabber

As a mural artist, I have done so many, many window art. And I can tell you, I may have done them myself but even I stop and stare when I walk past them. Why? Because there is nothing as captivating as a beautiful window art. A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window […]
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How Wall Murals and Window Art can Help a New Business

Opening your business is just the beginning. Now you may be a little worried. You’ve got everything ready and now all that’s left is for the clients and customers to start pouring in; but they aren’t coming in as fast as you want. Well, that’s nothing you should worry too much about. Every new business faces this challenge. But here’s […]
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Mural Art, Good Vibes, and Good Profits

Now we all know that art is a combination of a lot of things; books, movies, painting, poetry, music etc. And art is used by everyone, every day and in every way. Why? Because it heals, it is soothing, people want to dive in its beauty and stay there. And art, art has a lot of good vibes and it […]
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