The Effect of Art on Children and Childhood

“Art is as natural as sunshine

and as vital as nourishment”

– MaryAnn F. Kohl

Have you seen children’s paintings? It is always filled with imagination, and it is in the same way that they look out at the world.

It is true that art has an effect on everyone, it is also true that children see art differently than an adult would. An adult could look at a wall art and think, “heh, not bad.”Or an adult could look at a wall art and, especially if it’s on a wall in the side of the street and think,“vandalism!”On the other hand, children have always seen and felt things deeper than adults, and this is not different with art.

Being a mural artist means that I getthe absolute pleasure of doing hand painted nursery art and let me tell you, thosejobs are some of my favourite. Why? Because I’ve realized that the right kind of wall art in a child’s nursery or room will open the gates to the liveliest imagination. The world needs more people with active imaginations.

Art has the most amazing effect on children. It opens them up to creativity, to unlikely possibilities. It helps them see the world through their own eyes in a way that only art can do. Imagine your child waking up every day to a hand painted nursery artthatdepicts an image of space. Or a glorious blend of exquisite colour that say nothing and everything at once. Children see through art, and sometimes it’s not even about the work of art itself, it’s the effect it has; the power it has to take them to a magical place.

A lot of great artists start as children. After all, it was Picasso who said,“every child is an artist.”Why?Because children have the imagination for creativity that adults cannot begin to comprehend. For children, there is no better way of self-expression than art.If you are in doubt, grab a bunch of crayons, give your child a drawing book and watch. Sometimes, children are able to paint what they cannot say, especially when they haven’t gotten to the age where they can speak yet.

Children are not just influenced by seeing art, they get so much from creating it too. The physical aspect of creating art is not just fun, it is incredibly exhilarating(as a mural artist, I can attest 100% to this).Children learn so much from the simple actions of applying paint on a wall or canvas. With art, there is no defined direction, there are no lines; the child is able to create, experiment, express. Even if that creation is not a master piece, the important thing for the child is expression.

And when it comes to wall art, especially for kids. There is nothing like hand painted nursery art. You look at it and you think love or joy or happiness. And if you can see this when you look at hand painted nursery art, then imagine what your child sees.

So, maybe you’ve picked a colour for your child’s room, you’ve picked the stuffed animals, the crib, the night light. You know what else you should pick? A mural artist. Get some hand painted nursery art on your child’s wall. Something soothing and magical that takes your child to fantastic adventures every night.

Because, when it comes to children, art is not an option, it is vital to who they become. It’s the difference between a bland childhood and a magical one.

And if you already have some hand painted nursery art on your child’s wall. Let me know about it in the comments. What made you choose it?

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