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3 Reasons to Hire a Window Artist or Muralist

Alessandra Tortone looks at how the work of window artists and muralists impacts learning spaces for children and business spaces for adults. Window Artists and Muralists—Why Hire? Let’s say you’re a parent, a business owner, or a community leader looking to reinvigorate a particular space. You want to create an emotional visual experience that leaves an indelible impression on anyone […]
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Large scale projects to inspire London wall artists

Street art design in Uxbridge
A look at a range of varied, large-scale commercial and public projects mural artists have completed in and around London. Mural Artists Take On 7 London-Area Projects There’s nothing like a gorgeously rendered wall mural. Few features anchor a space and capture the imagination in the same way. The chosen visuals become a symbol for a certain setting or establishment. […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Mural Artist In London – Tips and Tricks for Success mural artist in London

You’ll need to consider a range of factors when searching for a mural artist in London to paint your next piece. First and foremost, you’ll need to hire a professional who’s both talented and willing to put their time and effort into your project. Remember that mural artists charge by the length of time they spend on a project so, […]
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Inspire Your Kids with the Best Children’s Murals

Children's Bedroom Wall Murals - Dragon And Unicorn
The kids’ wall murals are always exciting and the murals for kids’ rooms can be found in varied collections from the unusual to stunning, top-notch photographs, drawings, storybook-like lessons, collections, and sections inspired by modern art. For you. The task of choosing a wall mural for your child’s room or study may be challenging provided by the mural artists. The […]
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London’s Largest Flower Design And Chelsea In Bloom Festival

Blog - London’s Largest Flower Design And Chelsea In Bloom Festival
There’s a lot to inspire at Chelsea In Bloom Festival in London as designers told the best way to make landscapes that look lovely, help to feed our mental health, and give a food-rich habitat to wildlife. Chelsea in Bloom is an annual floral show with the most breathtaking, Instagrammable flower shows in the city of Chelsea – and the […]
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Street Art: The Game Changer

You know a lot of people still don’t consider street art as real art. But if art is anything that depicts beauty or sometimes pain? Then street art is as real as it gets. Street art are done by street artists usually on the walls and streets of the neighbourhood they live in. I can assure you that you will […]
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Stop and Stare: Window Art as An Attention Grabber

Spring window art
As a mural artist, I have done so many, many window art. And I can tell you, I may have done them myself but even I stop and stare when I walk past them. Why? Because there is nothing as captivating as a beautiful window art. A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window […]
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