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Frequently Asked Questions

A mural is a form of artwork that consists of painting directly onto a wall or ceiling ( and we also do it on glass). Murals have been around since the beginning of humankind and still very fashionable today. Hand painted mural art can be created on surfaces both outside and inside of buildings or structures and have very long longevity.

Wall murals are often charged per square foot or per job it self and it varies from artist to artist. Needs to take in consideration size, travelling, how many people are involved, complexity and details.

Obviously, a large mural in a skyscraper or office building will be more expensive than a small feature wall in a country kitchen. On average, people will charge from £50 per square foot. Although not as common, this price can increase significantly for hand-painted murals and will vary from one artist to the next. Most murals are printed using a custom or existing design.

In general, most mural projects start from £800 for 3 mt by 3 mt design.

yes. A way to minimise your cost is choose a simple design, smaller than 2 mt square and look for an artist that lives in your neighbourhood.
nearly any surfaces are good for a mural design as there are different painting technique for each surfaces. Usually is highly discourage to paint on very humid area as it may affect the mural longevity.

We use ONLY water based paint, no toxic, no smelly and dry in few minutes. We really do our very best to get eco friendly products.

it start from half a day to 1 day average but the time depends on the size, travelling and complexity of the mural design, it can go up to 1 month for very large project.

We create custom wall art for private and corporate clients, from very small business to large important firms.

first step-

send us as many information as possible, size, location, dead line, picture of the area and brief of the design. after this first quick evaluation we will be able to give you a rough estimate and professional suggestions and advise. After we have a precise idea of the design that needs to be painted we can give a precise quote and custom sketch if needed.

I love working with my tram but sometime i work alone, it depends on the size of each art project.
We work mainly in London but we happy to travel to where is required. we have dome many project abroad too.
We ask for 20% deposit before starting the creative process, if a cancellation occur due to client issue the deposit is not refundable ( it will cover our time producing custom sketch and any initial assestment.)
we can guarantee 3 years on our wall design but definitely last up to 10 years in most case, in fact in my 20+ years of expertise i never being called for touch up.