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Using the hands as part of the final artwork itself, hand painting breathes life into a piece of art through movement, the surface of the skin or the lines on the palm.

I focus on one thing

I focus on one thing

Working Area

Working Area

Expert Mural Artist

Are you searching for someone to craft a thing of beauty for you, with nothing but paint? Expert Mural Artist

Hand Painted Sign & Black Boards

I love to share my passion about Black Board Art, and pass on the knowledge

Custom Wall Mural

Would you like to appoint someone to create a customer mural in the UK? Custom Wall Mural

Frequently Asked Questions

To be able to start generating ideas for your customized art project we would need:
  • pictures of the wall
  • preferred size of the art work  
  • full address to check traveling time and cost

The time depends on the actual design and size of the art.

Mostly time taken is between 1 to 3 days

Murals last for very long time up to 10 years or longer.
If it is a outdoor wall may the sun and the rain would fades the colours a bit. 
still we guarantee minimum of 4 years.
We use acrylic paint, water based colours 
no smell – no toxic  – dry in few minutes
no need to be varnish
After gathering all information and brief of your project we will help you create your design 
and provide 2 free of charge customized sketches. 
When the sketches is approved we will book a day and we will start painting freehand on your wall, 
sometime we use a projector for more intricated design.

Are you searching for someone to craft a thing of beauty for you, with nothing but paint? Do you wish to task the services of an expert mural artist? Here at Alessandra Tortone we would be pleased to oblige – to find out more about what we can offer you, please feel free to get in touch, through any of the means specified below.

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