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Large scale projects to inspire London wall artists

Street art design in Uxbridge

A look at a range of varied, large-scale commercial and public projects mural artists have completed in and around London.

Mural Artists Take On 7 London-Area Projects

There’s nothing like a gorgeously rendered wall mural. Few features anchor a space and capture the imagination in the same way. The chosen visuals become a symbol for a certain setting or establishment. Frequently, the work begins to take on a life of its own. Centuries of artists across the world have commenced and delivered on these kinds of projects. The goals have always varied. Likewise, today’s London mural artists continue to build on the tradition. Their work expands on the stories, events and themes that bring people together in public and commercial spaces. To demonstrate, take a look at some standout projects commissioned in recent years.

Mural Artists Brighten up TLF Raynes Park

Witness a vibrant three-meter-high mural with pink florals bursting into bloom against a horizontal plume of blue. This is the TFL Raynes Park mural , a work of art that proclaims springtime year-round. The project covers a 25-meter stretch of wall that welcomes cyclists and park-goers. It came about through UK graffiti artists endeavouring to capture the spirit of the park as it feels during a popular season of the year. Those emblazoned flowers make for a mural painting London visitors and residents particularly enjoy during the colder months.

Rethinking a Signature Mural for Starbucks UK

For a global brand known for its trademark logo and the often uniform design of its stores, Starbucks doesn’t restrict the brand from a bit of customisation. Its signature Coffee Belt map appears in a range of iterations across the UK, including an expansive mural reminiscent of a chalk drawing. This 9-meter-high work was created by a team of graffiti artists UK visitors and locals appreciate on a daily basis, whether or not the onlookers ever know the artists’ names.

Love Uxbridge—a Mecca of Murals

If you’re a mural painter, London-based—or any variety of UK graffiti artist—odds are that you’d love to take on a Uxbridge project. The suburban West London town sports an abundance of murals and graffiti art, including full outdoor galleries exhibiting some of the most ambitious projects in the world. The Love Uxbridge mural displays an array of monarch butterflies winging their way across a 25-meter stretch of wall with contrasting green, aqua, and orange immediately drawing the eye. The project took ten days and four mural artists UK-based to complete. It’s a decided favourite even amid the area’s abundance of work.

Mural Artists Revitalise Ladybur Housing

An immense undertaking that required two weeks of work from four London graffiti artists, headed by Alessandra Tortone, the Ladybur Housing Association mural was a critical piece of a larger initiative to upgrade a co-op that required significant improvement and repairs. The mural came in during 2018, just after the estate’s UPVC windows and doors were replaced and just before a new boiler was installed—a good reminder that the visual aesthetics of a property can be prioritised alongside the practical amenities.

Harrow Council Inaugurates Wealdstone Mural

A brilliant commission that involved mural artists consulting the public to find a design that would truly feel like an outgrowth of the community, the finished Wealdstone mural includes “Welcome” in large lettering and depicts a cross-section of community members enjoying their leisure time. The work succeeds in its objective to convey a sense of unity and community engagement. It’s a piece relished by the council and any of the London mural artists who view it. The final creation is five meters high and was completed by four artists in one week.

Mural Artists Team up With Play Innovation

London mural artists have become familiar with Play Innovations, a company that designs and builds some of the most remarkable and revolutionary playgrounds and recreational spaces in the UK. Their work emphasises environments for people of many ages and abilities. The 2018 mural is a 28-meter design that provides the backdrop of a dynamic play area people will continue to enjoy for years to come. The mural itself was completed by three artists in one week.

Cottons Restaurant Commissions Alessandra Tortone

The Camden Town establishment knew it wanted to liven up its building with imagery that reflected the exciting and seductive nature of the restaurant itself. Cottons Restaurant, known for its Caribbean cuisine, is a favourite for foodies and London mural artists who want to take in a fabulous work of art from Alessandra Tortone. The mural conveys a sense of Caribbean culture and is as much a part of the Cottons experience as the food itself. Furthermore, Alessandra’s work features in all of Cottons Restaurant’s London locations: Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Camden Town, and Vauxhal.

If you’re presently setting out to hire mural artists for a project of your own, get in touch with Alessandra and schedule a complimentary consultation. Who knows—maybe your upcoming project will be the next mural to make the list!










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