How a Little COLOR Can Change a Life | Alessandra Tortone
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How a Little COLOR Can Change a Life

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” – Wassily Kandisky

It’s sad that in the world today, some people are afraid of others who are a different colour from them. and though it may look today like having colour can cause you trouble, colour does have positive power. When you really think about it, colours literally save lives. Just look at the traffic lights. Red is for stop, yellow tells you to get ready to move, and green tells you to go. Of course,  you already know this, but have you ever imagined if the traffic lights were one colour? It would be a highly unattractive disaster.

What you may not know is that the right colours, especially in a fantastic hand painted wall art can transform the mood in a room. It can have an effect so powerful that it brings a person to a whole new level of emotion they didn’t know they could feel.

It’s like with my mural art; hand painted wall art is not just about throwing colours on a wall (although that can be quite fun). As a mural artist, my work is about telling a story, eliciting emotion, drawing a feeling. It’s about a person looking at a really happy colour and thinking “wow, I’d love to feel like that.” Colours for me are like therapy. Every single shade and the combination of many shades helps you figure out how you want to feel. You can look at a happy colour and instantly know whether you are happy or sad. Why? Because that colour immediately speaks to your mood.

Colours have an enormous effect on our lives. They can change the way we think and feel. They can influence the way we think about a person, a place or a thing. When you see a girl wearing pink, you think “she probably has a bunch of teddy bears in her pink room and dreams of castles.” When a girl walks past you wearing all black, you think “sheesh… this one must really hate life.” Regarding this, we are hardly ever right, but colour does make an impression. In much the same way, the right colours on the wall can say “hey! This is a fun place to be!” And the wrong colours can say “don’t even think about laughing while you’re in here.”

A little colour can make or break a decision. No joke. You must have heard a person say something like, “I wasn’t going to buy that dress but I just couldn’t resist the colour,” or heard someone say, “their coffee may suck but you will love the mural art on the wall.”

Colours help us make more decisions than we are even aware of. When you really think about it, colours are a huge part of our everyday part of lives. A life without colour is a sad one, and you cannot deny that.  

Colours add spice and meaning to our lives. They can turn a dark day brighter, and a sad day happier. Colours bring joy: just think about the way you feel when you see the rainbow after a really long rainy day. It’s almost like it’s saying, “it’s okay, be happy.”

Colours, even just a little can change a person’s life. It can bring you to a realization, a resolution, a cartharsis. It can make you stay in a place longer than you intended, it can make you leave immediately you get there. It can make you smile, it can make you laugh, it can even make you cry.

David Hockney once said, “I prefer living in colour.” And why not! What is life without a little colour to brighten your day. What is life without excitement because yes, colours do bring excitement. It’s no wonder people say you need to add a little colour to your life. It may be a metaphor, but you should take it as a literal advice. Add some colour to your life!

Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, you won’t hate it. Have mural art done on your office walls, it’s an office but there’s no rule that says you have to stare at drab grey walls all day. Having beautiful hand painted wall art to look at will help you get through the hard work and enjoy being at the office.

If you want a more pleasant life, just add colour. I’m a mural artist; trust me, I know this. In the coming articles, I look forward to sharing my experiences of transforming people and places, not as a genie, but as a London mural artist.

Can you think of a happy experience you have had with mural art? Let me know in the comment section.

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