October 26, 2020
Alessandra Tortone

Hand painted Murals Amazing Effects


Imagine this; You’ve had a long and excruciating day at work. Susan from accounting ate your lunch. Your boss who is a bit of a jerk chewed you out for something that wasn’t even really your fault. You got stuck in traffic for hours, all the while looking at your wristwatch because you need to get home on time, so you can be up early tomorrow. It’s dark when you get home and you turn on the lights. The walls are colourless, because you moved in too quickly and didn’t have the time to paint. But you hung a picture on the wall and somehow, for some reason you cannot explain why it keeps falling off or tilting. You sigh. You go eat dinner, go to bed, toss and turn because you have to wake up to this same thing tomorrow. Depressing isn’t it? 

Or you can imagine this. 

You go through a day like this. It’s normal, bad days happen and maybe Susan really didn’t know it was your lunch. Your boss still chews you out though, and you still get stuck in traffic. But just imagine that you didn’t come home to bare walls. Imagine that you open your door, hit the light switch, and you get to stand for a second or two staring at your beautiful hand painted mural art. The colours are gorgeous and bright, and they have one clear message; tomorrow will be a better day. You smile, and remember why you chose this particular wall art in the first place. You’re driven back to the beautiful memory, and away from the troubles of the present day. 

I know. It seems unrealistic. How can a hand painted murals have the power to do this? How can one wall art change my entire crappy mood? But as a wall mural artist, I assure you that it can. Do not underestimate the power of hand painted murals. 

Any kind of art can have an amazing effect on our moods, but hand painted wall murals gives the artist ample space to tell the story. It can be a burst of colour in an otherwise dark day. It can be soothing. It can be calming. It can take away the blues just by staring at it. Also, how about cheering up the kids with a children’s bedroom wall mural painting of their favourite cartoon. 

It should come as no surprise that we are influenced by what we see. Hand painted wall murals are not just a mixture of colours. They always send a message. Depending on the artist, or in this case the wall mural artist, hand painted murals can depict an event, or carry a tone that can be either melancholy or euphoric. A skilled wall mural artist can create amazing hand painted murals that depicts laughter, excitement or joy. 

The dullest neighbourhood can come alive with the kind of right hand painted murals/ street art. This is why many street artists exist. Sometimes, street artists do not painstakingly create hand painted murals for the money or the attention; most of them do it for free. They do it to bring joy, to give life to an otherwise lifeless place, to change the story that a part of a street tells, to brighten up the life of the community. People see the hand painted murals and are inspired. People see it, and for a brief moment, they forget the many troubles that plague them, and they are happy. 

The power of a great hand painted murals can shake you, even change our perspective towards life and humanity. It can make one look at a situation from a different angle, happy instead of sad, cheerful instead of depressed. We can get immense pleasure from looking at a well-designed hand painted murals. That’s the power of a great hand painted murals, to remind us that there is beauty in the world, even in the midst of all the ugliness. 

A lot of people may not realize that their mood towards life is greatly influenced by what they see – in this case, large or even small scaled murals. It is so easy to get depressed when you are surrounded by grey. It is so easy to get depressed when you return home from a long day to a house devoid of any form of art or colour. The things around you play a big role in deciding your mood, so enhance your environment for the better. In fact, the mere colour of your wall can greatly influence your mood. This is why most people opt for brighter colours on the wall of their rooms rather than somber ones. 

Whether indoor hand painted wall murals, outdoor street art within the community, or any kind of positive art can be immensely therapeutic. If you’ve never opened yourself to the option of having a mural artist do a hand painted murals on your walls, you should. If you’ve never taken the time out to check out street art, you should. You will immediately see the difference in your mood, especially if the wall art is a fun one. 

And if you have, tell us about it in the comments. Does having a lively painting on your wall help with a long and somewhat depressing day? How do you feel when you look at it? 



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