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How A Mural Artist Can Make People More Comfortable in Your Place of Business

How important can a mural artist be to your business? Imagine yourself not as a business owner, but as a customer or a client. How do you feel when you walk into a place of business, any business, only to find the walls bland and devoid of any form of art? What is your first reaction? Do you think well they could have at least tried to put some wall art on the wall or do you think “Nah having wall art doesn’t really matter. People will still come in. ”No doubt people will come in, but only if they absolutely have to.

A lot of business owners underestimate the power of art in their place of business. You could literally suggest it to them. You could say; why don’t you get a mural artist to do some wall art on wall. And they would be like whatever for?This is an office not an art gallery. Or you could say your windows look bare. How about some window art to brighten it up? And they’d be like wouldn’t that stop the customers from seeing into the store. But it doesn’t actually stop them, it attracts them.

When people, or in this case clients or customers walk into a place of business. They want to feel comfortable, calm, welcomed. And window art, wall art, any kind of soothing mural art can make this happen. Art can have a very soothing effect. You could stare at one and just feel your stress melting away. Wouldn’t you want that for your customers or clients? Wouldn’t you rather have them walk into your place of business and feel immediately at ease?

A lot of business owners tend to see art as unnecessary when planning their décor. I mean with a café, you would assume that all anybody needs is a chair, a table, and a working coffee machine. (amongst other things of course. I’ve never owned a café). But cafés are basically like an office for most writers. They will walk into one with their laptops. Connect to the Wi-Fi and order tons of coffee for inspiration. But which café do you think they are likely to enter? The one with the bland windows and bland walls? Or the one with a gorgeous wall art that inspires their creativity.

Art doesn’t just attract your customers or clients; it gives them an idea of about who you are. They could see your window art and think this place looks fun. They could see your wall art and think the owner must be really creative. Through the wall art on your wall or any form of mural art in your establishment,a customer could immediately tell if you are stuffy or down to earth, if you are conservative or more out going. In fact, the art on your wall could immediately help them have a connection with you. They could think I can definitely be friends with the owner of this establishment. And wouldn’t you want that?

As a mural artist, I know that it is wise that businesses take advantage of art because of the mood it sets for their establishment. Art can immediately tell your clients and customers about your brand without you having to say a word. Also, here’s the thing, its not just your customers or clients who will find your wall art soothing or comforting, your employees will benefit from it too.

Art actually makes employees more relaxed and therefore more creative. And isn’t creativity and productivity the hall mark of any business? If wall art, or wall painted design or any mural art has the potential to make your employees more productive, then isn’t that something you should invest in?

So, think about it. Whether your place of business be corporate or more laid back. Get a mural artist to do some gorgeous mural art on your walls or windows or wherever you want. It’s an expense that you will absolutely be glad you made.

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