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Mural Artists, Wall Art and Unity in The Diversity of Colour

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Colour is beautiful. Every shade, every hue. But the beauty of colour is not just in its individuality. The true beauty of colour cannot be described in uniformity when it comes to wall art. Where one colour is said to be beautiful because it appears to look like another. The true beauty of colour is seen in its diversity; its variety. One colour is beautiful. But a unifying combination of different colours is stunning.

Colours are brighter when the mind is open–Adriana Alarcon

It is sad that in today’s world, we sometimes fail to apply this simple and undeniable fact. We fail to understand that a colour no matter how beautiful, is made even more so when it is mixed with others. As a mural artist, one of the joys of painting is mixing colours together. Blending and unifying one colour or more to another, to produce an even more amazing colour. This is the core of every painting. Whether it be wall art, hand painted nursery art or street art.

Our world is blessed with a diversity of colour. And I’m not talking about literal colours. I’m talking about us,humans and the fact that we are all different shades of colour that come together to make a colourful planet. Just think how boring it would be if the world was made up of one colour. Think how boring it would be if the world was designed in uniformity. No doubt we are all alike, but then again we are not. And that’s the beauty, that’s the whole point, to find unity in our diversity. The problem is not the colour, the problem is us forgetting that no one colour is more beautiful than the other. Even when we have a favourite colour, we cannot deny the beauty and originality of other colours.

The diversity of colour is not made to bring confusion or disharmony. It was made to inspire unity. As a mural artist in London, this is made clearer to me every time I create wall art, or hand painted nursery art. Or when I admire street art done by another mural artist. If all we needed was one colour, or if we ascribed to one colour as superior to the other. We would miss the magic of knowing and experimenting with other beautiful colours.

Think about it, how fun would a wall art look if it was just one colour? If a mural artist decided to do a hand painted nursery art on your kid’s wall, wouldn’t you wonder if they didn’t try to switch up the colours a little? And what about street art? Imagine how boring it would be if all the street artists went around painting with just one particular colour.

The diversity of colour is actually there to teach us a perfect lesson. If you can accept the diversity of colour, with its different shades and hue. It should not be that hard to accept a person who is of a different colour than we are. In fact, there is a term called colour harmony. It refers to the aesthetically pleasing nature of colour when they are combined or placed side by side. In colour harmony, when these colours create a pleasing contrast, they are said to be harmonious. Imagine that! A definition that can directly apply to the human race.

Being a mural artist is a profession that I enjoy immensely. It opens me up to the beautiful world of colour and the magic that comes from mixing them together. Colours show us that unity can come from mixing, even when they appear chaotic at first. For instance, purple and red may seem like two crazy colours to mix. But when mixed the right way, the result can be absolutely stunning.

It’s normal for a certain mix of colours to hurt our sensibilities. Every one appreciates a blend of colours differently. But it has more to do with your nature and personality than anything else. That is not to say that you cannot appreciate colours when they are mixed. It just means that a mixture of a different set of colours may appeal more to you than others. The point is, there really is no one who is averse to the mixture of colours.

So think about that when you see a colour. Imagine it with another colour and another colour, and even more colours. Your mind will show you the picture. And you’ll see that colours, in which ever shade or hue is beautiful alone and together.

What are your favourite colours, and what do they remind you of?

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