engaging Street Art

Street art has evolved from the early forms of defiant graffiti into a more commercial form of art, as one of the main differences now lies with the messaging. Often meant to provoke thought rather than rejection among the general audience through making its purpose more evident than that of Street art Graffiti. Street art has received artistic recognition with the high-profile status of Banksy and other artists. This has led street art to become one of the ‘sights to see’ in many European cities. Some artists now provide tours of local street art and can share their knowledge, explaining the ideas behind many works, the reasons for tagging, and the messages portrayed in a lot of graffiti work.

A brilliant commission that involved us, mural artists, consulting the public to find a design that would truly feel like an outgrowth of the community, the finished Wealdstone mural includes “Welcome” in large lettering. The work succeeds in its objective to convey a sense of unity and community engagement. It’s a piece relished by the council and any of the London mural artists who view it. The final creation is five meters high and was completed by four artists in one week.

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