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Mural Art Painting Services


Alessandra has been involved with countless commercial mural art painting projects that breathe new life into old spaces, turning places of such as pubs, bars, restaurants and offices – basically any business, into a ‘work of art.”

Alessandra and the team can paint any image onto any surface, so let your imagination stretch beyond the conventional knowing that nothing is impossible for her and her team of mural artists in London. They are experts at large scaled wall mural art painting productions as well as small feather wall pieces for the more corporate environment.

Hand-painted mural art paintings have impact and a highly engaging quality that the public quickly recognises and resonates with. People are drawn to interact with paintings much more than they would with other forms of visual communications, with murals leaving a lasting impression on staff, customers and community alike.

Commercial mural art paintings has big advantages, one being that the content is naturally shared. If a mural is being hand-painted by Alessandra or her team of mural artists, the public is quick to capture and share.

Alessandra understands that hand-tailored artwork resonates with people of all ages, encourages a human response and this is at the core of what she does.

PRIVATE hand-painted mural art paintings

Useful to everyone, every day and in every way. This is why Alessandra and the team cater to private home residents as well as commercial businesses and communities. Art heals, it is soothing, and people of all and any background and tastes want to dive in its beauty and stay there. Art has a lot of good vibes and it is even more visible in mural art paintings.

Just imagine for a moment, walking into a place with great mural art that calms you, inspires you, and/ excites you right in your home.

Additionally for private businesses, you cannot deny the power of art and its ability to increase the appeal and profits of a business place. Art is like a magnet that when done right has the power to pull and retain its targeted audience.


To completely renew the appearance of an existing space, street art is the way forward. With versatile artists and customised mural art paintings there is nothing the team cannot produce for you. The colours, style and culture captivated in their street art murals is far removed from what other artists are doing.

Street art is not only for decorative purposes; wall paintings can serve many purposes such as serving as a landmark, increase artist culture and heritage of an area or delivering a certain message or ethos. Hand painted mural art paintings bring culture, soul and character to a community.

It works perfectly as an alternative to vinyl wall coverings and other none-sustainable methods. Street art is highly impactful as sites with high footfall help create huge awareness.


Our window Art will have customers not just stopping in front of your store or coffee shop to admire it. It will have them walking in to see what you have to offer. That’s the whole point of window art. To capture attention, to instigate action. Try the unique, more sustainable way of getting your promotion across to customers by Advertising with Art. Engaging Window Art displays to increase visibility and interest.

Our window art is fully customised, hand painted on glass and can be easily removed with window scraper and hot water. we anly use water based paint. Eco friendly – no chemicals!


Painting children’s murals is one of the services that we are most passionate about. The team love to work closely with the parents and children on specifications to deliver an impactful and eye-catching work of art in any room. All children wall murals are customised to the personality, making each child’s room an extension of them.

Their children’s room paintings are always filled with imagination, and it is in the same way that children look out at the world.