Street Art: The Game Changer

You know a lot of people still don’t consider street art as real art. But if art is anything that depicts beauty or sometimes pain? Then street art is as real as it gets.

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Street art are done by street artists usually on the walls and streets of the neighbourhood they live in. I can assure you that you will never see anything more beautiful, or inspiring or thought provoking. They brings life to a neighbourhood. They can be so influential that it could be the reason why Little Johnny doesn’t stand on the street corner for delinquent activities anymore.

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Street art is all about creativity and freedom. It comes from the deepest forms of expression. It has the power to raise and answer questions. It has the power to influence positively. A lot of street artists don’t do this kind of art for the glory or money or anything like that. In fact, most people see street artists as vandals so most times they have to hide to do the art they love. 

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Street art leads to a bright and colourful surrounding, which in turn leads to a happier life. We know that the world is not as it is, and a lot of neighbourhoods are far less good or nicer than others. Some neighbourhoods are rife with crimes and ugliness through no fault of theirs. And sometimes with the help of a street artists, this particular art becomes the only thing that shades the ugliness and replaces it with beauty. Imagine one with so much life and so much brightness that it brings a smile to your face when you walk past it. Think of the little kids or teenagers who live in neighbourhoods such as this. They deserve to be inspired. They deserve to be happy, they deserve to walk past something that instinctively puts a smile on their face..

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Street art inspires a sense of community. It is an art that pulls people together without even trying. There is no hierarchy. They are not art that is accessible to only a few. It is art that can be seen and enjoyed by every and anybody. It doesn’t discriminate. It welcomes all. In fact, they can make a community so beautiful and endearing that it inspires the people in it to take better care of the community.

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Depending on the message of the street art which the street artist is trying to communicate. It could inspire kindness, reduce crime, promote diversity, promote justice. This is not far-fetched; this is not hypothetical. We are influenced by what we see.

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People are finally recognising it\’s value. Fewer people are starting to see it as vandalism and more as an importance. A need for communities that should not be denied. Not everyone has the means to go to an art gallery and enjoy the soothing or euphoric pleasure of art. They continue to fill a hole that most definitely needs to be filled.

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What unforgettable experience have you had with street art?

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