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Stop and Stare: Window Art as An Attention Grabber

Spring window art

As a mural artist, I have done so many, many window art. And I can tell you, I may have done them myself but even I stop and stare when I walk past them. Why? Because there is nothing as captivating as a beautiful window art.

A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window – Dejan Stojanovic,

I say window art is an attention Grabber because really that’s why most clients ask for it. Besides wanting to beautify their establishment of course. Window Art painting can, whether knowingly or unknowingly be used to grab the attention of potential customers as they walk by. I’ll give you an example, once a client wanted to put up a notice that said a variety of things. Including some that went along the lines of; more seats downstairs and we serve wine and craft beer. But they decided to go with something more artistic. They could have simply put a sign that said these words, after all they are just trying to pass information. But, I designed a window art that said all of these words and more in a completely fun away. Now, it’s not just a sign that people can maybe read for information. It’s a window art that will definitely draw the attention of anyone who walks past their establishment. And it still says everything that it needs to say.

Window Art is so good, that if done right it will have customers not just stopping in front of your store or coffee shop to admire it. It will have them walking in to see what you have to offer. That’s the whole point of window art. To capture attention, to instigate action. Why leave your windows bare, when you can have it done up on beautiful window painting?

Window Art, unfortunately is an underused part of most businesses. Most store owners do not give it a second thought, which is unfortunate because it does so much. More often than not, window painting is the first interaction most customers have with a business. A potential customer who maybe feels intimidated about coming in, can get over that once they see a beautiful window painting on the window. There intimidation turns into curiosity and before you know it they are coming into your store to find out what you are all about. It is even better when yours is hand drawn window painting. It makes it more unique and highly relatable.

To further grab attention, window painting can be changed especially during festive periods and such. Christmas and Easter holidays have a lot of business owners ordering cheery art. As a business owner, whose establishment is right on the side of the road, this is the perfect strategy to grab attention. You can put a beautiful window art display of Christmas themes to get people excited for the holidays. Imagine your window adorned with beautiful window art that show a snowman, or elves or angels, or Santa. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Your customers will see it and even if they don’t feel like Christmas yet, it will be a nice reminder. Next thing you know, they are coming into your establishment for drinks or coffee or to get a Christmas present (depending on what you do)

Window Art is especially a great attention Grabber for community businesses. What better way to thrill your neighbours and make them feel welcome, than to adorn your windows with beautiful window painting. Window Art will make your business stand out and at the end of the end. That’s all any business owner wants. To be noticed and seen by their potential customers.

So grab some attention. Adorn your windows with beautiful window art. Get your potential customers to stop and stare. Because when they do, you can bet they will be coming in to check your business out.

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