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Skilled mural artist in London

What do we Offer?

  • 25+ years experience. 
  • Small to large projects, corporate or private, indoor or our door. 
  • Unique and customized design. 
  • Mural art, Street Art, Nursery Murals, Window Art Displays, Hand-painted Signs and chalk boards.
  • flexibility and friendly approach.
  • love to make out job an inspiring work of art.
  • over 100 five star google review

I cannot say that enough, it is what I am and who I am at my very deepest core. I make Mural Art of all kinds. Hand-painted original Wall murals that include, children bedroom wall murals (including nursery wall art) and street art. 

I have worked in many private homes and commercial places like schools, bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other corporate establishments.

From nursery wall murals to street art Alessandra, is the mural artist who is technically skilled, adaptable, professional and efficient. If you are looking for a mural painter – interior hand-painted original mural artist – nursery wall mural artist, Alessandra is all of that and more…with a big and bright personality to match. 

Whether you are wanting to spruce up the aesthetics which are on display in your bar, or seek to put an individual twist on your children’s bedroom wall with a custom hand-painted wall mural – you can be sure that Alessandra Tortone will bring you results which are the epitome of excellence.

Are you looking to commission our team to create a custom wall mural in the UK for you? There are a variety of way we can help you. If you have a specific concept in mind which you would like to pursue, you can explain it to us in writing either by sending us an email at alessandratortone@yahoo.co.uk, or completing and submitting the enquiry form that can be found at the bottom of our website’s homepage. If you would prefer to converse about your idea for hand-painted murals in a more informal manner, you can speak to one of our designers.

Over the phone : simply give us a call on 07857 395591. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help in any way they can. 

My Art keeps me sane, pays the bills and allows me explore. But above all my art is a way for me to connect with everything around me. Every art I do is always a reflection of my client, what they want, what they feel, what inspires or calms them. I remember this one time I created a wall art for...

A bit More About Me…

I’m Alessandra Tortone, a mural artist (hand-painted originals) from Italy who has been in the trade for over 20 years, which is basically half my life. Being a hand-painted mural artist is something I am grateful for every day because it brings me so much joy. Through my mural art, from children bedroom wall murals to street art, I can spread this emotion to more people. 

Wall mural painters can work alone or as a team on projects. I mostly work by myself when working on children bedroom wall murals/ kids’ hand-painted original murals, and for bigger projects I have the help of some very talented hand-painted original mural painters/ mural artists. 

Myself and my team are mural painters who design primarily indoor murals for bars, restaurants, hotels, pub, private houses where we do the kids hand-painted original murals and nursery wall murals and more…, as well as outdoor street art. 

Get a Custom Wall Mural Designed For You 

Here at Alessandra Tortone Ltd, we have great belief in each one of our team members – each one has honed their abilities in different skill sets. As such, we have been able to complete a vast array of original, hand painted, custom wall murals in the UK over the years. We understand, however, that should you be unfamiliar with our group, you may be skeptical about our capabilities. This is why we implore all potential clients to browse through any number of the reviews which can be found on our website; these showcase the way in which we operate, and how consistently we deliver. 

What We're Offering

Expert Mural Artist

Are you searching for someone to craft a thing of beauty for you, with nothing but paint?


Hand Painted Sign & Black Boards

I love to share my passion about Black Board Art, and pass on the knowledge.


Custom Wall Mural

Would you like to appoint someone to create a customer mural in the UK?