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About Alessandra Tortone

About Alessandra Tortone

About Alessandra Tortone

The Artist and Her Art
Best mural artist in London

My name is Alessandra Tortone and I love being a Mural Artist. I cannot say that enough, it is what I am and who I am at my very deepest core. I make Mural Art of all kinds. Walls murals that include, children murals (including nursery art) and street art. And I have worked with many private homes and commercial places like schools, bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other corporate establishment.
I started my journey into the world of art when I was 19 years old. Still so young and somewhat unsure but with the support and love of my family I was able to turn my art into a venture that I can now be very proud of. I’ve worked with so many amazing and talented Mural Artist, both international and local. And I bring all of that to my work.

Mural artist Alessandra Tortone is based in London, and above all loves providing exquisite Wall Murals – children murals/ kids wall murals – nursery murals and street art projects all across the UK.

Alessandra is a wall painting artist who has a flexible portfolio after working in many private homes as well as in all types of commercial spaces such as bars & restaurants, nurseries, schools, hotels and coffee shops, as well as corporate establishments.

From nursery murals to street art, Alessandra is the mural artist who is technically skilled, adaptable, professional and efficient. So if you are looking for wall mural painters – wall painting artist – mural artist, Alessandra is all of that and more, with a big and bright personality to match.

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My Art keeps me sane, pays the bills and allows me explore. But above all my art is a way for me to connect with everything around me. Every art I do is always a reflection of my client, what they want, what they feel, what inspires or calms them. I remember this one time I created a wall art for a client. She referred to it as a zen corner. It became a place that complemented her garden and inspired her during yoga class. Of course you don’t necessarily need art around you when you do yoga but I believe that a touch of paint or changing colors can change the whole environment. It can give it a calm and relaxing effect. You should see this client’s zen corner, it is absolutely beautiful.
I find too that my art is a way of me to travel into and get to know other beautiful and diverse cultures. Once I got so inspired that I did some beautiful wall art depicting images of beautiful African women in their culture. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some really amazing African countries; like Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana and I try as much as possible to celebrate their culture through my art. I believe that art is just another way for us to unite and get to know each other better.
Between Window Art and Wall Art I cannot honestly tell which is my favorite. I enjoy creating all of them and I take the opportunity to do this wherever and whenever I can. I remember this one time I created this window art with a Christmas theme. It had the cutest Christmas scenes. The windows shone and it made me very happy to imagine people walking past the windows with a smile on their face. I think for me that’s the best part of being a Mural Artist, to take something quite mundane and turn it into something extraordinary.
I love, love doing children murals. Children are so special and when I create murals for kids, I try to infuse as much magic and innocence as possible. Recently, with the help of some amazing little kids, I painted a Mural for their school library. The school was closed, but it was still open for children of keyworkers. So as a surprise, the teacher decided to use the time to create a new Mural as a surprise for when the kids come back to school. I cannot wait to see the excitement and surprises on their faces when they return back to school and see a mural right on the wall of their library.
In my time as a Mural Artist, I have created all kinds of mural art. From children murals, to window art, to street art. Even a famous painting. That’s right, this one time my parents commissioned the Monalisa. It was not my usual art but when your parents commission you to paint the Monalisa, you just Obey. It took me a while to paint it, but I choose to call that a labour of love.
Art is my life. I live and see through it. I love it and it’s not possible that I’ll ever stop. So reach out to me for whatever kind of mural art you might need. For me, it is always an absolute pleasure.

Wall mural painters can work alone or as a team on projects. I mostly work by myself when working on children murals/ kids wall murals, and for bigger projects I have the help of some very talented wall mural painters/ mural artists.

Myself and my team are wall mural painters who design primarily indoor murals for bars, restaurants, hotels, pub, private houses where we do the kids wall murals and nursery murals and more…, as well as outdoor street art.

What I have found my clients love about us is our versatility in painting styles when it comes to our children wall murals and outdoor street art, in particular. What I mean is, some wall mural painters prefer to have a recognisable painting technique for their street art and mural art, whereas I prefer to be challenged by each and every single project that mural painters can be challenged by.

I approach each street art I produce uniquely and being able to adapt to the client’s specific requirement is one of my favourite things about being a mural artist. Whether it’s going from modern children wall murals with a simplistic design, to complexed and detailed nursery murals, and then a more classical street art painting such as “Camden style”.

I love experimenting, as well as the variety of all the different techniques available to mural artist/ wall artist as myself.We have created wall murals and street art for big brands like Starbucks, Kraken rum, L’oreal, Frezyderm and many more businesses who require a more serious and rigid approach from wall mural painters – one where the mural artist is expected to follow a more specific design brief given by the graphic designer/ client.  We also work for a lot of smaller sized businesses looking for a wall painting artist or mural artist, who we help find the perfect design to create the appropriate mood they are looking for and which is in line with their identity. Creativity has no limits and when it comes to street art and mural art I never know where a project will lead me.

What I love about what I do is the way, through mural and street art, we can inspire and transport people in time to a moment in the art and change their emotions – making people pause and think or make them smile by using a funnier illustrative style.

As we all know social media is becoming very important for any business to promote their brand and image. It’s all about creating a lot of Instagram picture-opportunities and creating beautiful and unique art. Street art and murals such as nursery murals and kids wall mural by mural painters is definitely a way to create the platform for people to talk and share.

Everyone still admires the human touch, especially the uniqueness of street art and mural art in particular.


As well as our individually tailored approach towards street art and murals, another unique skill and concept and service we provide is painting shop windows. Our clients find it vitally important after they try their first window art display, as they soon realise it enables them to advertise new products, sales or seasonal items more effectively on their shop front which is very visible to all passing by.

Window art can also be used to help local businesses engage with their community. For example, the project my team and I did in the Ealing Broadway area, involving almost 50 business having us come and paint their shop windows. People could vote for the best window art display by the click of their phone and have a chance to win a prize. We had fantastic feedback from the community afterwards as a result.

It is an awesome opportunity to use mural art, window art and street art as a means for connecting people, advertising with art and promoting creativity. This is just another reason why I love what we do.

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