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Who we are, what we do

Hand-painted mural artist Alessandra Tortone and her team are based in London yet also willing to travel.

Specialised in Hand-painted Mural Painting, Community art projects, Window art painting, Street art, hand-painted Advertising and Public Art. Over 20 years experience as a hand-painted mural artist! We host a multi-skilled team who complement each other.

We’ve done projects across the UK and abroad over the past 20 years, building an extensive portfolio. We are capable of fulfilling any project, commission, on any scale. We work for private and commercial clients, from local stores to international brands.

We pride ourselves on always delivering a professional and customised service. Check out our +100 five star google review!

People Who Love Us


Commercial and private mural

Private & Commercial mural art that breathe new life into old spaces, transforming pubs, bars, restaurants, offices etc into a ‘Work of Art.”Even if your new business is in the corporate world a beautiful wall murals will go a long way in bringing and keeping your clients. Having wall art or window art will show that you have great taste…a great wall art could immediately put your clients at ease

Street art community project

Street art inspires a sense of community. It is an art that pulls people together without even trying. It is art that can be seen and enjoyed by every and anybody. It doesn’t discriminate. It welcomes all. In fact, they can make a community so beautiful and endearing that it inspires the people in it to take better care of the community.

Children mural and Nursery mural

All children wall murals are customised to the personality, making each child’s room an extension of them. Mural art have the most amazing effect on children. It opens them up to creativity, to unlikely possibilities. Imagine your child waking up every day to a hand painted nursery art that depicts an image of space. Children see through art, it’s about the effect it has; the power it has to take them to a magical place.

Window art

Window Art is so good! It will have customers not just stopping in front of your store or coffee shop to admire it. It will have them walking in to see what you have to offer. That’s the whole point of window art. To capture attention, to instigate action. Try the unique, more sustainable way of getting your promotion across to customers by Advertising with Art. Engaging Window Art displays to increase visibility and interest.


Some Of Our Awesome Clients

Alessandra and her team of hand-painted mural artists provide, tailor made original mural art. This can be indoors or outdoors, whether it be commercial, private or street art. Every art project presents its own exciting challenges. Every client and wall is diverse in its own right and this is what Alessandra cherishes most about her unique form of creative expression.

Alessandra, a hand-painted mural artist, seamlessly co-creates beautiful murals with careful consideration to design requirements of her clients.

Collectively, Alessandra and her team of artists bring years of experience to each project, having painted thousands of wall murals all over the UK. In summary, they take space that is boring or uninspiring and bring it to life, creating a conversation piece. Create a modern look and feel and visually communicate a message or meaning that is important to you.

Her team of hand-painted mural artists paint wall murals that are capable of bringing colour, character and inspiration to the walls of your private home i.e. children’s room, commercial office and/ community space.