Elevate your spaces with custom murals by Alessandra Tortone.

Customised Murals in music studio.

Customised Murals Service

Unleash your creativity and redefine your spaces with Alessandra’s exceptional custom mural service. Moreover, our team of skilled artists is dedicated to transforming your ideas into stunning visual narratives that grace the walls of your desired location.

Our Services

Bespoke Mural Designs

Collaborate with Alessandra Tortone to craft a mural that resonates with your personality and style. Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or public space, furthermore, our customised murals captivate the eye and ignite the imagination.

Tailored Artistry

Each mural is a unique masterpiece, meticulously designed to match your specific preferences. Additionally, from abstract patterns to realistic scenes, our artists infuse every stroke with passion and precision.

Conceptualisation and Execution

We’re with you every step of the way. Furthermore, from brainstorming concepts to executing the final mural, our team ensures that your vision is translated into a captivating visual story.

Interior and Exterior

Our customised murals enhance both interior and exterior spaces. Additionally, whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room or make a bold statement on an outdoor wall, we have you covered.

Why Choose Alessandra Tortone? What sets our work apart?

Customised Murals in bedroom space.
feature wall hand painted

Artistic Excellence

Alessandra Tortone’s artistic prowess shines through in every mural. Furthermore, her ability to blend colours, textures, and emotions transforms walls into canvases of imagination.

Collaborative Spirit

Meticulous attention to detail sets our murals apart. Moreover, each element is thoughtfully placed to create a harmonious composition that delights both up close and from a distance.

Attention to detail

We value your input. Additionally, our collaborative approach ensures that your ideas and preferences are at the forefront of the creative process, resulting in a mural that reflects your vision.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices, and in this vein, we carefully select materials to minimise environmental impact while delivering high-quality, enduring artwork.

Customised Murals in London bar

Ready to transform your walls into captivating canvases?

Reach out to Alessandra Tortone’s team today to discuss your mural project. Furthermore, let’s collaborate and create a customised mural that resonates with your artistic aspirations.

To get started, send us your idea via this form, and someone will get in touch to discuss your idea(s).

What our customers say of our work?

Check out the full project that Marco Toi from Play Innovation commissioned here

More Happy Customers


We have two brick walls that are about 3ft away from our bedroom windows that desperately needed something and Alessandra turned them into fun murals that make us smile every time we open the blinds. 

E and G – Home Owners


Alessandra turned up on time and produced a mural on my trailer that left me speechless. Excellent artistry professional and great timescale. Im already setting to ask Alessandra back to do some work indoors. I would recommend 👌 100%.

K.C – Business Owner

I highly recommend this mural service. Alessandra Is the most amazing artist I have ever met she was so professional super engaged in my window imaging help me construct images liaised with me in advanced efficiently booked me in and was on site for four hours painting the most beautiful windows for Christmas.If your business is struggling, I would highly recommend her for marketing and rebranding your business to re-engage with a new customer base she was amazing lovely and just fantastic at her work.” 


Our mural art price based on a  2m x 2m wall, from £400 inc vat. Plus travelling cost (if applicable)

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